Yamaha’s project INDRA bike might be unveiled at 2016 Auto Expo

Yamaha is being very discrete about its Auto Expo plans, just like every time. But we might see something really interesting at the upcoming 2016 Auto Expo.

We all know that the Japanese manufacturer is working on their most affordable motorcycle. This project is called Indra (Innovative and new development based on responsible analysis). This mass market motorcycle is being developed by the Yamaha India R&D engineers along with their development center in Japan. This new bike is touted to become the most affordable motorcycle in the world, however, this was announced a couple of years ago. There has been a rise in inflation, which directly increases the cost of raw materials and labour. This affects quite a bit when it comes to the price of the bike. But the Japanese manufacturer wants to price this bike under $500 (Rs 33,000), so that it’ll be easy for them to take on the Splendor – the world’s largest selling motorcycle brand.

In order to achieve this price, Yamaha has set up a new facility in Chennai, which also houses its vendors. The whole intention to do this was to reduce the transportation costs and increase the overall efficiency. This plant was inaugurated a couple of months ago and Yamaha plans to invest Rs 1500 crore till 2018 to increase its production capacity.

We think the 2016 Auto Expo is a very good platform to unveil this bike. Yamaha is betting big on this product, so it makes lot of sense to have a global debut at this biennial event.