Windows 10: The first major update brings Cortana to India

Windows 10 has been around for over three months now and it has already been installed on over 110 million computers and countless new machines are being shipped by Microsoft and its OEM partners everyday. Microsoft has now announced a new update to Windows 10 that brings several new features and bug fixes.

While Microsoft has been updating its OS with Insiders program, this is the first major update that will be available to all consumers. The update will be available free from the Windows Update.

These are the major improvements to Windows 10:

1. Faster Boot Time: The new update fixes some of the bugs and now has nearly 30 percent faster boot time compared to Windows 7 on the same device.

2. Cortana: Microsoft’s virtual assistant has been steadily making leaps and bounds into the life of users. While it recently acquired the ability to understand Indian names naturally, the new update allows users to scribble notes in Cortana Notebook and Cortana now recognises the phone number and email addres including physical address. Cortana also provides an option to book and track an Uber.

3. Microsoft Edge: Microsoft’s web browser designed for mobile and modern web now comes with preformance improvements along with tab preview option. The new option allows users to hover over open tabs and get a preview. Microsoft Edge is now capable of syncing favourites and reading list items.

Microsoft says it is also bringing performance improvements to Mail, Calendar, Groove Music, Xbox Store and other Microsoft apps.

Windows 10’s first major update is all about Cortana speaking in Indian accent and cheering for Sachin Tendulkar.