Virgo (14 Dec – 20 Dec )

Virgo, the Fifth House of your horoscope is now a talking point. The Fifth House, ruled by Capricorn in your chart, describes serious lovers who could turn you into a stepmother, mother or aunt, if you two decided to commit to each other. It rules stepchildren, sons, daughters, nieces and nephews. It rules godchildren. It also rules any work or unpaid work that involves you heavily with infants or adolescents. Now, we come to a time of year when you must wrap arrangements up quickly. If they are not firmly in place by Saturday, you may find that plans come to a standstill, the talking points change or there is even a reversal of an earlier decision – all by February. Naturally, some things are beyond your control. At this time of year, children go into new classes, or even switch schools. This year, you will see all the usual Mercury Retrograde waiting games or alterations in connection with that. This is also the time of year when parties fill your diary and so do potential dates. Again, things may take an odd, stop-start course all the way until St. Valentine’s Day. Virgo, what comes out of this period is ultimately control. You’ll have a new kind of power and so will those around you. Great change takes tremendous amounts of time and flexibility, though. Be prepared to bend a lot.