Virat’s undercut, Russell’s mohawk: Bowled over by IPL’s style crop

For all those who love fashion, the Indian Premier League is giving that much-needed inspiration. Cricketers are setting a high style-scores, especially when it comes to hairstyles. From undercuts to daring mohawks, the season can give you ideas to imitate.

Mumbai-based hairstylist, Sapna Bhavnani, who styles MS Dhoni’s hair says: “When it comes to cricketers, you just can’t style hair based on trends, we also need to see how practical it is on field. It’s a mix of the player’s thoughts and the stylist’s suggestion that goes into zeroing in on a style. Right now, for Dhoni, we are growing the top out, and not cutting too much, it’s a transition period for his hair. Keeping the top long is a trend among many cricketers, including Ajinkya Rahane,” she says.

Bhavnani adds: “The undercut, which many like Virat Kohli and Ravinder Jadeja have, is a big trend and the man bun too has also made a mark with Ishant Sharma. It’s great to see these men paying attention to their grooming and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as their main attention is on the field!” For hair expert Rod Anker, the undercut is a clear winner: “It’s the best for practical reasons. You sweat a lot on field, the hair has to be away from the neck, it works well. Not only men, women should also try and imitate the look!” he says.

Here’s a look at some crops in news:

Hardik Pandya’s creating a buzz
Pandya, who plays for Kolkata, sports a super practical hair style that keeps him sorted on the field, and off it too. We love the clean sides coupled with a low-set, quiff-style voluminous top. While Pandya hasn’t kept the middle part of his mane too sharp, he has opted for graduated, staggered back to keep the sweat off.

Andre Russell goes for gold
The West Indian cricketer, who is in the Kolkata team, stands out on the field with his blond mohawk. The gold patch is a new addition, a switch from his previous darker shade. The cricketer often shares pictures of his hairdo and his styling on his Instagram page. Would you dare to imitate?

Marcus Stoinis is acing the floppy mane
The Australian cricketer, who plays for Punjab, has got the wind-in-my-hair look trending on the field. Props for the floppy front. We won’t call it a chocolate boy hairdo, (Or Shoaib Akhtar inspired for that matter!), but the easy-breezy mane has got us talking.

Virat Kohli’s signature undercut
The captain of the Bangalore team has opted for sharp, buzzed sides with a layered, heavy-set top. The beard and buzz is a coupling which men on the field tend to carry off with ease, and we are not complaining!

Dhoni’s fuss-free, boy next door look
The captain of the Pune team has gone through many a change when it comes to his hairdo. A lot of us might remember his henna-hued long locks, but the style evolution that the skipper’s undergone is amazing! We like Dhoni’s hassle-free boy-next-door crop with a longer top and practical buzzed sides.

Mohammed Shami’s skid marked crop
The Delhi player debuted his new crop recently which features two razored lines at each side of his crop. While the style is not new, it does make for fun pictures off the field, and on it too! Who’s ready to try out the buzzed skid marks, guys?

Ishant Sharma’s perking up his long locks
He is not giving up on his long locks and we love that the Pune player has opted for messy man buns and practical ponytails on the field. Look at him rocking the lion mane… the skipper’s roar goes perfectly with his fearless hairstyle, which is also on-trend!

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