The Top 10 travel destinations for 2016

  • Lonely Planet, known as the first and last word on travel, has come out with its list of Top 10 destinations for 2016. From offbeat countries like Botswana and Uruguay, to the ever popular Australia and US, there is a bit of something for every kind of traveller. Here’s a list of the best destinations for the new year.


1. Botsawana: Invigoratingly wild, is how many describe Botswana. In 2016, the country celebrates 50 years of independence, which is a great reason to visit in itself. The other would be the way it has developed its natural riches for tourists.


2. Japan: One of the most popular destinations for those intending to explore the Orient, Japan is a great combination of heritage and modernity. While on the one hand you have the latest technology, on the other there are traditions that date back centuries. The Cherry Blossom season remains the most popular.


3. USA: Indians in the post-independence era have always been fascinated with the United States, and why not. The American dream, as it’s called, has played on the minds of countless enterprising youths who have gone ahead and made a life there. So, as the country turns 100 in 2016, savour the natural riches at the 56-odd national parks, while visiting relatives in New York.


4. Palau: This is unquestionably one of the most magical diving and snorkelling destinations in the world. Dubbed a ‘Serengeti’ of the sea, this far-flung Pacific archipelago is a dream destination for lovers of the deep blue.


5. Latvia: Over the past five years, eastern Europe has slowly, but steadily, piqued the interest of Indian travellers. Though, the west is still popular, there has been an increased flow of tourists to the countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 2016 is Latvia’s silver anniversary, and the country is reviving its ancient traditions, restoring crumbling castles and manor houses hidden in its pine forests.


6. Australia: The island continent is full of wonders — from the sea to the great outback, there is something for every kind of tourist. Though, not one of the cheapest trips to go on, the faltering currency has sort of brought it within the reach of many. Pack your swimming gear and head to the Great Barrier Reef, and the multitude of cuisines that Australia has now come to be known for, much thanks to Masterchef Australia. ‘


7. Poland: Wroclaw, the largest city in western Poland has been selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2016 — which makes it a great time to head towards the Baltic country. Gdansk, Kraków, Szczecin and Katowice are the other cities worth visiting.


8. Uruguay: Known as the ‘Switzerland of America’, Uruguay is expecting a record number of tourists in 2016. Sandwiched between the more popular Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay has much to offer in terms of gaucho (cowboy) fantasy, and nightlife on sea amid the glamour of Punta del Este.


9. Greenland: Which better place to watch the midnight sun, the splatter of green with the Aurora Borealis dancing across the ice sheet. This Arctic wonderland is a must-visit for any cold lover.


10. Fiji: Chill out in one of the many Fijian resorts that’s bound to help you unwind — which is exactly what a vacation is supposed to do. From the latest extreme sport, to the classic pursuits of diving, sailing and angling, soak up the sun at this tropical archipelago.