Up, up and above: Stylish ways to sport high-waist trousers

Crop tops, blazers and shrugs look best when paired with high-waist pants, says an expert.

Pooja Prabhan, a Myntra look good advisor, has shared tips on how to style your high-waist trousers:

When in doubt, tuck in: If you are not too confident about showing your midriff, opt for a casual t-shirt and tuck it in. Just ensure your trousers are not too fitting.

Dress your feet: One of the biggest plus point of sporting a high-waist bottom is that you can get really experimental with your footwear. Stilletoes or nude pumps are the top choices.

Be the blazer girl: Oversized sweaters, blazers and shrugs are great options that complement high-wasted trousers incredibly well. Throw these over a tank top and you have put together a look that is brunch appropriate.


Go the crop way:Crop tops make amazing pairs with high-wasted trousers. Add towering heels to the look and you are good to go.


Be easy on accessories: Since high-waist trousers are a statement in itself, keep your make-up subtle and accessories to the minimal. A chunky ring or a statement necklace should do the trick.