Skoda says 1.2 million cars fitted with pollution cheating software

Skoda’s spokesperson has reported that more than a million cars by the Czech manufacturer have been fitted with pollution cheating software that turns on the emission control devices in a car when the car is undergoing emission tests but turns them off during normal driving.

“I can confirm that where the Skoda brand is concerned, there are 1.2 million cars that were produced,” said Skoda spokesman Jozef Balaz.

“We are talking about previously produced EA 189 motors which are now in use,” Balaz said in a statement, adding that the vehicles in question were “completely safe in everyday use.”

Earlier German brand Audi had reported that 2.1 million of its cars had also been fitted with the same software that allowed the car to cheat emission tests.

The Volkswagen group has claimed that a total of 11 million cars manufactured by the group have been fitted with this pollution cheating software.