Side-swept to the bohemian: Party-worthy ponies to try

Who says ponytails are just for workouts? You can stylise your hair in­ ­myriad fun ways by pulling them back in a pony. We bring to you five fun and flirty ­hairstyles that you can ace ­yourself without much fuss. Follow our steps by making your ponytail, party worthy. These hairstyles work best when you are having a bad hair day and can’t keep your precious locks open. Instead of tying them in a boring bun, make a quirky pony for a versatile festive season look.

The bohemian look is fun and breezy and keeps your hair in place all day long. Braids and ponytail are a chic combo that you must try. Deep side part your hair and braid the front section till it’s behind your ear. Now, tie all your hair below the braid with an elastic band. Cover the band by wrapping a tiny section of your hair around it and secure it with bobby pins. Wrap the length of your ponytail around a flat iron to get some waves. You can also use a curling rod for this, but remember to not heat it for too long.

The messy side ponytail is stylish and also comfortable, as it is not tight on your scalp. To make this hairstyle, take out an uneven parting. Leaving a few strands from the front section, comb the rest of your hair to one side and secure with an elastic band at chin level. Divide your pony into sections and use a curling iron to make soft waves. Also, curl the loose strands of the front section. Pin up a flower above the band for a vintage touch and you’re good to go. This hairstyle will work well with backless cholis and ­anarkalis.

Style your hair with a fine-tooth comb and tie them above your nape. Use a hair tie to secure the ponytail and cover the band with a small section of your hair and secure it with bobby pins. Now tie an elastic band around your ­ponytail, 5-6 inches away from the hair tie. Part your sectioned hair in half and pull the ponytail through it towards you and not away from you. Repeat this process until you cover the entire length of your pony. Finish it off with a ­hairspray for a neater look. This hairstyle will go perfectly with your ethnic as well as western ensembles.

The slick braid works well with formal outfits. Straighten your hair first for a neater look and pull back your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Hide the band by wrapping a section of your hair around it and secure it with bobby pins. Now, make a fishtail braid of the top one-third ­section of your pony. Secure with an elastic band. Leave the rest of your tresses free and you’re done.

Is ponytail not your thing, thanks to the poor ­volume of your locks? Fret not. This two ponytail trick will add instant volume to your lifeless hair. Separate your hair into two sections. Tie the top portion with an elastic band and then tie the ­bottom half right below the top section. Now, fluff your top pony and let it fall around the bottom pony to make sure the elastic band is not visible. Step out in style with your bouncy hair!