Scorpio (14 Dec – 20 Dec )

Scorpio, your ruling planet Pluto makes important patterns this week, in your internet, publishing, multimedia and communication zone. This is where we find your computer, but also your iPhone. It is also where we find you using your ‘voice’ across all mediums. Try to sign off on the situation by Saturday. If you have no choice, and know that your new arrangement, purchase, deal, project or plan must extend into January – be prepared for Mercury Retrograde. This cycle classically brings waiting games, reversals or back-to-the-drawing-board scenarios. Be particularly careful if you are switching internet providers, computers, telephones or other communication technology. This cycle is notorious for product recall and refunds. In fact, it’s an excellent time to rehearse or rethink. Not such a great time for other words with ‘re’ in front of them. Retractions tend to happen on the cycle which hits you after Sunday. What is the bigger picture? It’s about the power you do, or don’t have, with your online life, in particular. Ultimately there will be a new arrangement by February which allows you to use your power differently.