Scorpio ( 02 Nov – 08 Nov )

How about a little levity for your love life, Scorpio—and all your social interactions for that matter? On Monday, November 2 Mars and Venus pair up in Virgo and your open-minded, offbeat eleventh house. Stay out late for a couple of “school nights,” would ya? There’s far too much fun to be had under these free-spirited skies. And forget about waiting for the invites to pop up on your feed. Take it upon yourself to play social organizer, bringing together friends who have drifted and scattered since fall began. The more is absolutely the merrier—and quite possibly the sexier. Let friends-of-friends tag along because that wild card could wind up being your new BFF or “winter warmer,” if you will. If your social circle needs a refresh, the Mars-Venus duo gives you a rush of confidence to go out and mingle, enchanting people with your Scorpio charm. The line between love and friendship could blur a bit, too, so stay open to surprises. If you’re in a relationship, break out of the routine rut and go share some adventures. Socializing as a couple allows you to see each other in your best lights, too. You might even co-host a party over the coming four weeks to merge your social circles and create a fun way to collaborate.

Are dot-com dreams dancing through your head? Geek is chic with Mars and Venus writing code in your tech-savvy eleventh house. You’ll have the perfect twin set of ambition and creativity to tap into early this week. Put that energy to good use, updating the theme on your website, shooting a few YouTube vids, or spec-ing out screens for an app you might someday (soon) develop. While you’re at it, pose for a new profile pic to use on social media and business materials. Consider hiring a pro photographer—someone who can shoot you in a natural, elegant mien instead of the go-to, stiff “professional” posture (navy blazer and white collared shirt, required).  Online connections bring a high “clickthrough rate” whether you’re pinging someone on Tinder or PM-ing a hot business contact. Take the initiative early this week. Fortune favors the bold AND the beautiful, and you are both, Scorpio.

On Sunday Venus defects from the tag team and floats on to Libra and your dreamy, boundary-free twelfth house until December 4. Who you, guarded and suspicious? Not so much come Sunday. You’ll readily rock the rose-colored glasses for the three-plus weeks that follow. Under these fantasy-fueled stars, a worthwhile contender may finally get a chance to approach the inner sanctum of your heart. You could be just as drawn to the fairy tale knight (or temptress) figure as the broken bird now. Just make sure you don’t screen out any obvious red flags because you’ve gone gaga. Patching up people’s wings rarely sends them flying back into your nest. Spare yourself the painful rescue missions and give priority to the candidates who have something helpful to offer you in return. If you’re already attached, slip off on a sweet escape over the coming three weeks. Even one night at a posh spa-hotel can do wonders to revive a relationship’s magic. But, we suggest staying a little longer, since this Venus phase can also dredge up buried frustration and resentment. Before you can hit that blissful high, address any chasms that may have widened between you. Diplomatic Venus will support you in keeping these conversations proactive—you’ll catch more flies with honey than that stinging Scorpio wit between Sunday and December 4. Also, try this Gandhi-like adaptation: Be the change you wish to see in your relationship. For example, if you want to argue less, take the aggression out of your voice and refuse to step into the traps your partner may subconsciously be laying. Be clear about what you need, too, because dropping hints will only lead to further confusion while Venus hovers here.