Sagittarius (7 Dec – 13 Dec )

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It’s also beginning to look a lot like a New Moon in Sagittarius. You have a major choice to make about how you are seen – and how you appear. I have been talking about this for a while, because it’s useful to have as many weeks of prep time as possible, before you launch into a new direction for 2016. Saturn is also in Sagittarius, and he has not been in your sign for almost three decades. Your image, personal appearance, profile and reputation are extremely important at the moment, because so much of your time and energy will have to be invested in your packaging, next year. Whatever kind of package you are, it is this that most people will be concerned with – not the person inside. If you were born at sunrise, around 6.00am, you can double that message, as you may also have Sagittarius Rising. No matter what your personal birth chart looks like, try to see why surface appearances really matter, and be a realist about how it all works. Really think about that new beginning this week, before you make it.