Sagittarius (21 Dec – 27 Dec )

Merry Christmas Sagittarius. You can already tell that January is going to be about the money, the house, the apartment, the precious possessions, the business or the charity. Something (very) new is looming. It will mean a total rethink of what and who is valuable to you. Your principles, perhaps – or your ethics. Almost certainly your notion of who or what is priceless and not up for sale. Just remember that the wheels are going to turn backwards and forwards with this, until February. There maybe changes of mind. Delays. Errors. There could even be a u-turn. Knowing this helps you plan ahead. This is the first December you have had since 2011 when there were not endless questions to answer about what you cover up. What you hide from others. What you do behind the scenes. Who you are, when nobody else is around! This means you can really think about everything very differently, and set your sights on a completely new way of handling things next year. Good!