Sagittarius ( 16 Nov – 22 Nov )

The situation with your house, relative, apartment, home town, flatmate or homeland this week reminds me of a submarine, deep below the surface of the ocean, coming to a standstill. You are peering out through the submarine porthole, trying to see. What you are seeing is temporary so you may prefer not to try any bold navigation moves on this cycle. Nobody is saying that you can’t have the total escapism of a holiday from reality, with your home or family. With your property or household. With your apartment or your particular part of the world. The escapism has to be constructed very carefully, though, rather like making sure the submarine is watertight. At the moment it’s all a bit baffling and it would be so easy to feel out of your depth that you may want to tread water until you have a better view of what is going on with this person, this place or this situation. Sagittarius, this week is also about a very important friendship, within a wider group of people, which will change your life for the better next year. Please accept invitations, circulate, issue invitations and do draw closer to friends or groups which ring bells with you. This could be huge, by the second half of next year. What else is happening now? A real ‘Aha’ moment about a secret you were covering up or a role behind the scenes. And a choice about your persona, appearance, image or title is starting to show itself. What a choice. Take your time.