Recipe: Feta green salad with mango vinaigrette

A fresh market greens and Feta salad with mango vinaigrette

Ice berg lettuce -30 gms.
Roquette leaves – 30 gms.
Radicchio lettuce – 30 gms.
Fresh broccoli – 20 gms.
Fresh carrot – 20 gms.
Red bell pepper -20 gms.
Yellow pepper – 20 gms.
Original Greek feta cheese – 30 gms.
Spring onion chives – 5 gms.
Salt – 2 gms.
Crushed black pepper – 2 gms.
Roasted pumpkin seeds -5 gms.
Dressing: mango vinaigrette
Mango pulp – 50 gms.
Mango juice – 50 ml.
White vinegar – 30 ml.
English mustard – 1 tsp
Extra virgin olive oil – 100 ml.
Fresh basil (coarsely chopped) 2-3 leaves


For dressing:

Take a bowl and all the ingredients for the mango vinaigrette except the oil.
Whisk the ingredients and slowly add oil and keep whisking the mixture until the oil is evenly mixed in the dressing

For salad:

Take a mixing bowl and add all the salad ingredients except the Greek feta cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds.
Add desired amount of dressing in your salad and adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper.
Once the salad is mixed with the dressing transfer it in a bowl
Crumble feta cheese on top and sprinkle the roasted pumpkin seeds.