Pisces (23 Nov – 29 Nov )

Your Tenth House of achievement, ambition and accomplishment is weighed down by serious Saturn at the moment. This is a new thing, as you have not had this cycle for 29 years. Give yourself plenty of time and space to make your choices and remember, you don’t just have to walk into anything. Nothing compels you to take a particular path, and if you step back from the situation you will see how true this is. At the same time, it is fairly standard for Saturn to lure us into situations which seem irresistible, or even natural. Before you head off in a particular direction by Christmas, you may want to be a little more of a hard-nosed realist about what is going on, and who is involved. This applies to your chosen field, industry or business and to unpaid efforts as much as regular, rewarded work. Go beyond the website and the paperwork. Find out what the word on the street is. Making happy assumptions is not your best move right now! What else is important to you this week? Money. Business. Possessions. Property. Charity, perhaps. You are going to make or save a small fortune this time next year, leading to a really fulfilling moment of truth by 2017. Nothing comes from nothing, though, so this week is part of the process. What you talk about – or do – has a small but potent impact on your rewards from late 2016. You are setting up a future period of abundance in your Eighth House, which rules classic ‘until death do us part’ relationships, usually involving a mortgage. These kinds of associations are also classically tied to life insurance, one’s last will and testament or the most intimate connections. They tend to involve partners and family rather than the bank – although the bank can also make its claims on you! In all cases, in the tiniest way, what you plant right now, will bear fruit much later on, as you will see from September.