Pisces ( 16 Nov – 22 Nov )

Take a deep breath and really analyse what you are being shown, or offered, with your career. This also applies to university life or unpaid work, Pisces. The heavy Saturn cycle has not really begun yet. It will do so towards the end of this week and by Christmas you will have faced a fork in the road. Actually there are two or three forks. Ask as many questions as you can, and then hit the internet forums. Be a realist about employment trends in your chosen field. Read the fine print. Listen to pub gossip. My predecessor at The Australian Women’s Weekly, the remarkable astrologer Richard Sterling, used to say that you should never resign from your job on this cycle as it could take a very long time indeed to find another one. This is just one example of what Saturn in your solar Tenth House can deliver. More commonly, you find yourself offered a project, role or responsibility as the year ends – because of the usual reshuffles, redundancies, resignations, promotions and appointments – only to find out a few months later that you had precious little idea about who or what was actually involved! Anyway, Pisces, you make up your own mind, but don’t just stumble in this week. What else is going on? You will be richer in the second half of next year, and you will be richer partly thanks to a little pathway you take up this week. You are going to save or make a lot of money by 2017 and the signpost to the very first road on the longer journey is in front of you now. I also see a major moment of understanding and news about publishing, foreign people and places, academia, education, religion coming. What was so uneasy or difficult becomes clarified; understood.