Navratri special

‘Navratri’ —the nine-day fasting period rooted in the Hindu religion — offers some great opportunities to re-focus on your diet and take corrective measures. However, if made into a feast, it can be more damaging than your usual diet and lead to weight gain. Here are a few simple recipes to help you sail through Navratri.

This quick recipe is a perfect summer breakfast. Light and tasty, Suji Idlis are extremely light on stomach.

Lapsi is one of most humble of sweet dishes, very earthy, with no fancy frills. It is part of both Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine and is also made during Navratri.

The healthy daal cheele (savoury crepes) are a breakfast favourite but they make for great evening snacks as well.

There’s so much you can do with potato, especially to make Vrat Ka Khana. This spicy recipe will keep your taste buds engaged while you keep those fasts

It’s something that can energise you on a day when you are fasting. Khajoor (Dates) is high on nutrients and a must for your navratri fasts

During puja season, Besan ladoo is an all-time favourite. You can make some during Navratri as well

There’s nothing more soothing than a tall glass of deliciously light rasam to serve as a quick appetizer. Bursting with nutritional and medicinal benefits, chaaru, rassa, saaru, most popularly known as rasam, is a much-loved and versatile dish.

Give the humble green tea a makeover with ‘upvaas friendly’ recipes