Mercedes-Benz S-Class facelift caught testing

The Mercedes S-Class has been on the market for a couple of years both internationally and in India and so the company is preparing a facelift for their flagship sedan. Caught testing for the first time, the S-Class facelift will be expected in the market by the end of next year and will mainly get a few visual upgrades both in the interior and exterior departments.

From the photos, we can see that the new car gets a new set of headlights that feature three LED stripes which could be the new daytime running light format from Mercedes-Benz. There are also three LED light points in each headlamp that could constitute the low beam, high beam and fog lamp modules.

On the inside, the two spoke steering wheel that we love has been replaced by a more conventional three spoke one. The dual display instrument and infotainment cluster is also new as it ditches the buttons between the displays and now features a frameless design. Also expect a new level of trim and more wood trim options in the new facelift S-Class.

Mechanically, the engine options remain unconfirmed but the current engines are largely expected to carry over to the facelifted version.  That said, the engines will certainly get more powerful and even more fuel efficient than what they are today. Also expect a plug-in hybrid version of the S-Class to be given more importance in the near future.