Libra (28 Sept – 4 Oct)

The road to personal freedom, independence and intoxicating liberty is long. You get it by reinventing the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partners. You get it by reinventing the feud you have with your enemies, rivals or opponents. Libra, there are times to really pursue independence and times to step back and view things from a distance. This is a week to step back. Your ultimate freedom with (or from) this person is possible in April 2016. Until then you take a long and winding road. Make it easy for yourself by trotting along the path this week without necessarily doing anything drastic. Why? Because you’re in the dark. You can’t see. There’s a total eclipse up above and at a time when you would be dealing with the ‘needs’ question anyway (for him, her or yourself) things are even more complex. Ask for time and space and try to get it. The other half of the story this week is about your name, reputation, image, profile and personal appearance. Again, play for time and space. There are easier times for you to pursue your Me Agenda and this week is really hard work. At best it’s going to be challenging. At the other end, we have to say that when the Sun in Libra, your sign, is involved in an eclipse with the Moon in your opposite sign, the cosmos is unlikely to help much.