Leo (14 Dec – 20 Dec )

Leo, we now come to the most important cycle of the year, in terms of your working day and your body. Your career, your life at university or your unpaid work is now at the heart of major questions and some interesting answers. Clearly, things are changing. There may be reshuffles, resignations, redundancies, hirings, firings or promotions around you, or even directly affecting you. Less dramatically, you may see people or organisations playing the power game very differently with each other. Of course this has a direct impact on your everyday life. If you can finalise this by Friday, so much the better. If you can’t, then allow for some weeks of delay, alteration or reversal and keep your plans extremely flexible, right through January. This is not going to be straightforward. Leo, your body is also a talking point now. It may be your food, healer, drink, drugs, doctor, surgeon or fitness. Perhaps it’s a combination of those. Normally, you would expect there to be news, questions, agreement and a pretty quick outcome. Instead, if this goes beyond Sunday, you will also hit the waiting games or changes associated with this cycle, well into January. Please make allowances for that. One example might be joining a weight loss group, only to find the paperwork is wrong. You can read more about the Mercury Retrograde cycle on this website – just hit search.