Leo ( 02 Nov – 08 Nov )

The week is off to a sensual start for you Leo, as interstellar lovebirds Mars and Venus team up in Virgo and your slow-jamming second house. This is the third of a trio of Mars-Venus duets. The last one took place September 1, while both planets were in Leo. But alas, Venus was retrograde then, which may have stirred some internal angst and romantic restlessness. Did you say (or do!) something you regret? This week, you’ll have a chance to make up for any damage that was done two months ago. Or, if you sailed through September 1 on Cloud Nine, you could build on that energy even further. Monday’s grounding vibes of Mars and Venus in Virgo help you stabilize your most important relationships—with lovers, family, friends and creative collaborators. You’ll be able to voice your values in a way that is assertive (Mars) yet diplomatic (Venus), and this can lead to some heart-healing dialogue. Need to revive the romantic sparks? Tap your theatrical talents to set the stage for amour. Lighting! Props! Visuals! Aromas! Tactile sensations! While it doesn’t always SEEM like you are listening, Leo, oh how the masses underestimate you. You possess the rare talent of being able to catalogue people’s likes and interests while simultaneously performing a monologue about something totally unrelated to the topic. It’s multitasking at its finest. Surprise that special soul by regaling them with a few of their favorite things. From the menu to the music to the moves you make behind closed doors, you’ll have them at hello.

The second house is the money zone of the chart and your appetite for luxury and security grows stronger under the Mars-Venus merger. When faced with a fiscal decision this week, opt for quality over quantity, flash, or the latest fad. The understated model might not dazzle at first blush but it will hold its value for a lot longer—a savvy investment that will be worth a few extra bucks. At work, you’ll be a “barracuda in a baby doll dress,” if you will. Turn on the charm but go in for the kill. You could lock in an important client or tick off a major milestone on a project…one that pays you handsomely. And if you’re ready for a raise and promotion, Monday is the day to have a chat with corporate about your next steps within the company. Got champagne dreams on a PBR budget? Don’t give up. Pop on the project manager’s fedora and map out a tangible plan. Once you see what funds, timelines and people-power will be required, you may realize that your dream is more doable than you thought.

On Sunday, Venus bids Mars adieu and flutters off to Libra and your garrulous third house until December 4. The social butterfly is back—for real! This Venus phase can give you a case of relationship ADD, however. If hooking up is your thing, you’ll enjoy the next four weeks immensely as a no-strings fling (or five) could be just your speed. Your head will be turned rather easily for the next few weeks—and you’ll get checked out aplenty yourself! This could be the dating spree of the year for you, and there’s no rush to settle down before December 4. Try not to make too many promises or lead people on or you could wind up squirming away. To keep it fresh within a relationship, turn November into a variety show. Stock the cultural calendar with concerts, comedy clubs, movie nights, restaurant tastings, and nights out with your shared group of friends. You could work the room like a sexy power couple and even co-host an epic soiree (or Thanksgiving feast) together. Maybe you need to ease up on certain restrictions and give each other permission to flirt a little more. As long as you agree where to draw the lines—and stick to that pledge—you can refill your mojo tanks and bring that saucy energy home to enjoy with each other. Light and lively is the way to play it after Sunday!