India unveils series of new tourism initiatives

India’s Ministry of Tourism has launched several new initiatives to coincide with World Tourism Day.

Under a new “Tourism Vision” for the country, running until 2030, India has announced plans to intensify its efforts in the medical and wellness tourism sector, as well as developing new HR initiatives and internal airfare packages for tourists.

The measures were unveiled in New Delhi byDr Mahesh Sharma, India’s Minister of Tourism, Culture & Civil Aviation.

In the area of medical and wellness tourism, a new promotion board has been formed to tap the sector. It will have an initial fund of INR20 million (US$198,000) and will be tasked with “the promotion and positioning of India as a competent and credible medical and wellness tourism destination”.

In the realm of HR, a new “Centre of Excellence in Hospitality Education” will be set up at the Hotel Samrat in New Delhi, aimed at supplying more manpower to the hospitality industry. Courses offered will “blend the rich heritage and culture of India and hospitality management education system”, the ministry said.

Finally, Dr Sharma announced plans to launch a new “Discover India” airfare scheme, in partnership with of Air India. This will enable tourists to buy five or 10 flight coupons (INR32,500 for five or INR60,000 for 10) to be used on domestic routes with Air Indian and Alliance Air, within a limited time frame.

India’s Tourism Vision 2030 was prepared by KPMG.