‘Hawalabaaz’ Cong didn’t let Parliament function: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a fresh attack on Congress for the recent Parliament logjam and scuttling crucial bills like the GST, saying the ‘hawalabaaz’ (corrupt) acted only as roadblocks.

Modi said the ‘hawalabaazon ki jamaat’ was totally flustered and on shaky grounds after the NDA government made tough laws on black money and it was why they created logjam in Parliament and did not let key bills to be passed.

“We had hoped the Congress would work with us and help Parliament enforce reforms but it is the only one that does not agree. I appeal to those who have been rejected by the people to work with us for the pride of democracy and fend off economic dangers,” said PM Modi while addressing BJP workers in the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Modi is in Bhopal to inaugurate the 10th world Hindi conference, organised by the ministry of external affairs, which will conclude on September 12.

While countering a barb by Congress chief Sonia Gandhi – who had said on Tuesday his poll promises were “nothing more than hawabaazi (empty talk)” – he said, “The ‘hawalabaaz’ are worried that the ground beneath their feet is slipping. They can sense the impending danger.”

The PM said India wants to move ahead and is standing firm despite global economic scenario and this opportunity should be taken advantage of and parties should allow Parliament to function.

The PM said Congress is yet to digest poll verdict but the BJP has always tried to learn from its mistakes.

“We didn’t criticise others but introspected and corrected our mistakes instead and today the people of the nation have given a government with full majority.”

He did not name the Congress at all throughout his 15-minutes odd speech but made it obvious that he was talking about the main opposition party.

Modi  referred to the Congress as ‘hawalabaaz’ again when he said the scheme to link domestic gas subsidy to the Jan Dhan Yojana bank accounts resulted in reduction of five crore subsidy seekers.

“It is clear that the subsidy on these fake five crore gas connections was being siphoned off and naturally it was the game of these hawalabaaz people,” said the PM, adding that the government would be saving Rs 19 crore annually due to reduction in subsidised connections.

The PM lauded the efforts of party workers in Madhya Pradesh in ensuring the victory of the party at all electoral levels. The BJP recently won the civic elections in the state.

Modi also praised chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and especially mentioned the state’s developmental strides in the field of agriculture.

He also called upon the BJP workers to launch a fresh cleanliness drive at the village level under Swachch Bharat Abhiyan between September 25 – birth anniversary of RSS idealogue Deendayal Upadhyay – and October 2 – birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.