Gemini (7 Dec – 13 Dec )

Gemini, by Christmas you can farewell two long months of soul-searching and wake-up calls about your partner. This also applies to your former or potential partner. In some cases, the issue has been an arch-enemy or opponent. This does tell you that there will be breathing space by January, which you certainly need. This entire situation is very new and you can only keep up the intense self-questioning for so long! All this does have its purpose, though. You are about to make a fresh start with this man (or woman) or there will be a milestone new phase in the relationship you have with them. If it’s a conflict, there will be a first step in the battle. Gemini, with your ruler Mercury ideally placed, you still have a week or two to ask pertinent questions and get your facts straight. The more you are told or read – the more you actually need to know. Most of all, be aware that you make your own bed and lie in it at the moment. It may be a single bed or a double bed, but you are hammering in the nails as you read this. Make sure it’s something you can live with!