Gemini (28 Sept – 4 Oct)

Friendships and the group – whatever kind of group that is – seem far too complex this week. Don’t buy into a situation where one male is playing two or more females as if they were trout on the end of a fishing line. And if you are a man, don’t engage in toxic gender politics, as harems never work very well, even if it is supposed to be ‘just’ friendship or some kind of communal effort. If you are concerned about the future of a group, or a specific friend and yourself, then bear in mind that this week is a process, not a destination. From the middle of November you will be able to act without anything or anybody keeping you stuck. The other major issue now is children. Of course. And perhaps, the lover who could make you an Aunt, Uncle or parent if things became serious. Youth projects and junior markets also fall under this category. And of course, babies, infants and teenagers do too.  Try not to make up your mind on this eclipse. You just don’t know the full story. There is a reason why they built Stonehenge – as we found out in the 1960’s, it’s an eclipse calculator. These things really do correlate with our own lives, and as the sky blots out the light this week, your own story will be blotted out, on some level. Again, this is a process, not a destination. You may prefer to pass judgement or leap into action some other time as the oppositions suggest too many conflicting points of view or agendas, either with other people, or inside your own heart. Take mental notes. Consider acting later.