Gemini ( 16 Nov – 22 Nov )

The future calls to the present, Gemini. If you want to really build the relationship you have with your nieces, godchildren, nephews, sons, daughters, grandchildren – or even youth as a whole – then do turn your attention to what is happening now. This is a very promising new chapter to write in your life and although you will not see the full wonderful impact of the story until the second half of 2016, please turn the pages now and give this as much time, energy and care as you can. One example might be the adoption process. Another might be your son’s education, or a new child custody arrangement which leaves your daughter feeling happier. Moving on to other things…I suspect that this new situation involving a far younger generation is all about Christmas decisions, and those do involve your former, current or potential partner. We are seeing a major shift to Sagittarius, your opposite sign, and realities are now reaching you about (or for) this person. The end of the week is really the turning point and you must take your time, take good advice and take care as you deal with end-of-year choices. This is also the week to get things together more clearly, and in a less muddled way, with your career or other calling in life. None of this has been very real, has it? That’s fine, but you do need to at least make rules for yourself. Otherwise, work, university life or volunteering just starts to feel like floating sideways.