Fan releases today: Five reasons to watch the SRK film

Fan, the movie that will see Shah Rukh Khan in a double role after long has piqued viewers’ interest for all right reasons. Here’s a list of five reasons why Fan could make for a compelling watch.

1. SRK in double role: It’s a dual treat for SRK fans as after a long one will get to see two Shah Rukh Khans in the same frame. And what makes this proposition even more interesting is the fact that the two avatars are pitted against each other. While in one, SRK is a 25-year-old fan called Gaurav, the other one sees SRK playing a 50-year-old superstar Aryan Khanna. (SRK in Fan: simpleton, anti-hero, lover, superstar, all in one)

2. SRK, the superstar: If you have ever wanted to see a film (not a documentary) about SRK the superstar, how he lives, behaves, walks, treats his fans, his team and what is he like when the camera is switched off, Fan will provide a sneak peek into his superstardom life.

3. Not a romantic love tale: We know SRK is the king of romance but even a king needs break at times. Fan doesn’t look like the usual clichéd run of the mill romances that YRF is known to produce. The concept looks exciting and with SRK in it is much like the cherry on the cake.

4. New leading ladies: We have well known model Waluscha Desousa and veteran actor Sachin Pilgaonkar’ daughter Shriya Pilgaonkar making their Hindi film debuts with Fan. Neither of them appeared in the trailer that only adds to the mystery.

5. SRK and YRF coming together: SRK and YRF have always formed a winning pair. Both owe their major part of success to each other. With talented director Maneesh Sharma directing this one, it’s only natural to expect a lot from Fan.