English Premier League

The EPL returned to action, as did Apple. The former saw a flurry of goals and surprise, the latter a flurry of products and well, surprises too. So we decided to put Apples and Oranges, or rather, Footballs in the same plate and summarise the action this EPL weekend, in the manner of an Apple event and products.

Phil Schiller for the Man in the Limelight

Yes, Tim Cook is the CEO at Apple but the Apple event was really all about Phil Schiller, the company’s senior vice president of worldwide sales who spent the most time on stage, presenting and demoing new products. Similarly, while he might not have started the match, Everton’s veteran Steve Naismith stunned everyone (including himself, we suspect) when he scored a hat-trick against defending champions Chelsea, handing them a shock 3-1 defeat at Goodison Park. Yes, Tim Cook will continue to be the main man at Apple, but just like Phil Schiller at the Apple event, Naismith was the man in the limelight against Chelsea. The Apple Pencil for the most surprising debut Yes, we know that people go into an Apple event expecting the unexpected, but not too many would have guessed that the company would showcase a stylus (something Apple founder had poked fun at during the launch of the original iPhone in 2007) at the event. Similarly, while many would have expected something special from Anthony Martial (who had been compared with Thierry Henry) in Manchester United’s match against Liverpool, not too many would have bet on the 19-year old slaloming past three defenders and side footing a delectable goal to seal his team’s 3-1 win over the old enemy. Just like it is too early to say that the Apple Pencil will be a hit, it is too early to predict success for Anthony Martial. But both have displayed ample potential for legendhood! The “Surface already had those features award” for best duel .

Apple’s unveiling of the iPad Pro with its keyboard and stylus kicked off a dispute with a number of the Microsoft faithful clamouring that their Surface tablet already had those features. And well, things got similarly heated at the touchline in the match between Manchester City and Crystal Palace, when Palace manager Alan Pardew seemed to get into City’s technical area to protest against a refereeing decision. City boss Manuel Pellegrini was quick to order him back into his own area and words and glares were exchanged before Pardew retreated. They did shake hands a few minutes later, though – something we do not think happened when Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho objected to Everton manager Roberto Martinez taking questions first in the press conference following Everton’s shock win. The F letter was evidently uttered by an irate Mourinho, who told Martinez “Next time tell me to go before you, because we have to travel!” Martinez said he had no control over it, adding cheekily after Mourinho’s departure, “When he beat us 6-3 last season, he was such a nice man. I prefer him like that.” Like the Surface-iPad Pro battle, we don’t think we have heard the last of this one. The Apple Watch update for the team that continues to defy odds.