DIY tips to flaunt stylish officewear this festive season

Fashion does not revolve around sexy cut-outs, dance-floor-ready fringes and peek-a-boo laser-cut mesh for parties. In real life, we need outfits to wear to work during the week.

Imagine what a delight it must be to get dressed in crisp white shirt with long box pants, to wear streamlined silhouettes that are totally work appropriate.

Here are the different types of looks that will not only keep you chic, but also empower you, from your desks to the boardroom.

Statement-making high-rise pants/skirts

Elegance with sophistication is the ultimate combination that only some women can carry off well. High-rise pants or skirts can be paired with chequered, lined or plain shirts. Choose placid colours like blue, brown, grey for flared pants or skirts to look extremely classy. Jaya Choubey, a workaholic and a fashion fanatic, informed, “High rise outfits like skirts and pants are totally in vogue and look quite stylish. So pairing it up with a shirt is a safest outfit to wear for interviews or daily office dressing.”

Make a striking impression with the right kind of accessories

Accessorize well with nerdy yet cool box frame specs. Street-style version of office wear is to wear comfortable flats or loafers for the day and switch to a pair of killer heels when happy hours come calling. Scarves look quite trendy. Carry the right hand bag that fits in all your belongings for the day. Zarnush Tinwala, an accountant, explained, “For daily dressing, carry a bigger hand bag with nerdy specs, a classy watch, a good pen set and a note pad. Dress to impress with minimal make up, enhance your eyes with kajal or eye-liner and accentuate your pout with a nice shade of lipstick. Your smart dressing style makes a good impression on your boss and colleagues. For office parties, carry a branded clutch and wear high-heels.”

Glitzy office party dressing

Vibrant coloured skirts and shirts paired with stockings is one of the most popular looks for the fashion-savvy in the corporate world. Depending on the combination of the attire and what you want to portray, choose the colour and pattern accordingly. Every woman must have pencil skirts in at least five different colours and fine printed shirts that go well with the skirts to look classy in parties. Vasundhara Talware, an entrepreneur and an image consultant, revealed, “Pencil skirt, fine printed shirt and stalking are best suited for office parties with a conservative length and skin-show to send out the right vibes. Anybody wearing skirts above knee-length won’t be taken seriously at work. If you think your skirt is a little short, wear stockings to feel comfortable.”

Sunday cool dressing

Sundays means off duty work shifts or hitting your targets before the week ends. Your boss is not around and you have the luxury to dress casually. Jeans can be teamed up with a cool cotton printed shirt and high heels for a cool and off-the-cuff look. Ranjeeta Khatri, a graphic designer and a fashion buff, said, “There are times when you really want to be casually and comfortably dressed up in office. Saturdays or Sundays are the best time to display your not-so-professional look when there are limited people to peek into your cabin. This is when we want to wear our denims!”

The perfect Cubicle-to-Cocktail dresses

Perfect-fitted dresses with high-waist belts are the most preferred – proving that glitzy isn’t just for the holiday season. Make heads turn with vibrant-coloured or floral-print dresses that hug in all the right places. If you really want to put up a glamorous image of yours in office, patterned dresses with right fit and heels are prefect combination.

Balance with a neutral-coloured power outfit

The clothes that you wear will puts an authoritarian impression on your colleagues because it is the way you portray yourself and the way you want others to envisage you. So wearing outfits with such neutral colours shows that your thoughts and behaviour are going to be neutral toward others. Madhulika Chandak prefers wearing power outfits for her office meetings to put a professional yet power-packed impression on her dealers. She said, “The structure of the blazer, cuts of your pants, cufflinks with a silver shine, crisp white shirt and stilettos all in one is an ultra-chic package. Power dressing is a pictorial representation of an ideal employee and every woman should sport this influential look in their offices.”