Dieting Mistakes Most People Commit!

Some people are so enthusiastic about healthy eating that most often they end up going over the top! And how come you have forgotten the old adage- ‘Excess of everything is bad’! So this clearly means that you should eat healthy but not overdo it! While dieting too you should not go overboard and assume things.

Here are some dieting mistakes committed by most people:

  1. Excessive Use of Olive Oil

Always make sure you are using the correct amount of olive oil in your food even it is considered as the healthiest fat. You always need to be careful while selecting the amount of olive oil. Olive oil may have heart healthy mono unsaturated fats, Vit E and anti-oxidants but it also has its own share of calories! One table spoon of olive oil has 14 g of fat and 120 calories.

  1. Avoid Fruits

Many dieters avoid fruit by convincing themselves that they are loaded with sugar which will lead them to gain weight. If you too think so then keep it in your mind that you are harming yourself rather than doing well. Along with natural sugars, fruit has essential minerals, fibres and vitamins that help you to stay fit and make you feel better.

  1. Gluten free diet without having an allergy

Now a days many people are following gluten free diet without having a valid reason for this. Never follow it because people around you are following the same. A gluten free diet is especially made for the people who are suffering from some celiac disease, in which if you consume even a small quantity of wheat you will be affected by autoimmune disorder. See if you are eliminating whole grains and wheat from diet, you are depriving your body from intake of essential nutrients. Thus try to avoid this until it is necessary.

  1. sLess Eating and More Exercising

If you feel that by spending more time in gym for long hour workouts and cutting back on your food will help you to reduce your weight then you have to stop and need to think twice. When you cut you portion of your food, your metabolism will tend to work slowly and losing weight becomes even tougher. By doing this even if you manage yourself to lose some pounds then you will gain them back as soon as you start eating regularly. So, the purpose of dieting is all lost. So always consult a nutritionist to find out your daily nutritional requirements and the number of calories you need according to your weight and body structure.

It is right time for you to change your ways. Never ever let your dieting myths affect your health!

I hope above post will guide to if you are thing to following a diet plan so that you can lose your weight in correct manner. Keep following in order to get more easy and simple tips related to health to stay fit and healthy.