CES 2016: Time for synergy, time for Moto by Lenovo

The confusion could finally be over. At the on-going CES 2016, Lenovo has indicated that it will seek more synergy between its own phones and those branded under Motorola. “Typically Motorola smartphones are about more premium experience, pure Android with faster upgrades, while Lenovo has offered over all good user experience but at more affordable prices. However, in the coming year, we could see more of a synergy between the two brands and we might add some of the best features from Motorola to Lenovo phones and vice-versa. For instance, the camera app in Lenovo phones which has been liked a lot could feature in Motorola phones too,” Lenovo’s smartphone business VP for Asia Pacific Dillon Ye said in Las Vegas.

Ye’s remarks come even as Motorola’s chief operating officer Rick Osterloh told technology website Cnet that the company could ditch the word Motorola and go with Moto by Lenovo branding. While Ye did not confirm the end of the Motorola brand as such, his comments indicate that more syncing of features between the two line-ups of phones, which have traditionally operated in different spaces. On the market share between the two brands in India, Ye said both are at an equal standing, although he did not confirm any numbers or percentage. On the Indian smartphone market situation, Ye said Lenovo and Motorola have been seeing steady growth. “The growth of Internet has been a big boost. We also expect that Reliance Jio 4G will be a big disruptor,” said Ye. Lenovo says it will ensure its devices are Reliance Jio compatible as well as compatible with other telecom operators’ networks to give users ample choice.

The Lenovo VP said the company plans to invest more in the smartphone business in India. On whether Lenovo could eventually manufacturer its own chipset for smartphones like say Samsung or Huawei, Ye said that it would depend on the future strategy adopted by the company. The reporter is in CES 2016, Las Vegas, courtesy of Lenovo India which is paying for accommodation and travel.