Capricorn (7 Dec – 13 Dec )

Capricorn, you are about to make a new beginning, but you need to be completely in touch with what you are doing, and why you are doing it – and what may come as a result of it! I don’t want to sound mysterious, but there is something about yourself, or your life, which is so unfathomable at the moment. In fact, for about a month now, you have been pulled in a new direction with all that is classified or confidential in your life. In other cases, we might call this The Unknown, because it covers aspects of yourself which are solitary or even downright strange. It’s almost as if you have seen a submarine pull up, and chosen to duck inside it. Now you are on a voyage which can only happen every 29 years. It’s called the Saturn Twelfth House cycle and it’s very new. So new, in fact, that there is no way you could be fully aware of all the pros and cons of the choice you are about to make, yet! This choice will change your life next year, though, so step back from whatever you are consciously or unconsciously doing and really feel the weight of your decision. Know it backwards. The bottom line with this cycle is always to understand that whatever you do which is unethical or illegal (as so much secret activity is) will not be carried lightly next year. Sorry – I had to say that. But take this New Moon on, for all it is worth. And make a good choice.