Capricorn (23 Nov – 29 Nov )

Of all the twelve signs of the zodiac, you are best at being Professional with a capital P and as a result, you tend to climb fairly solidly through the ranks of your chosen field or career. This week you could be utterly unprofessional in every way – it would be tempting, because the dynamic between you and a certain someone is more appropriate for opera, soap opera or Oprah than just regular work, university or non-profit sector behaviour. Is this a bad thing? Not at all. In fact, it puts you on the correct path for 2016 and 2017. In the second half of next year you will be promoted, win an award, achieve outstanding results in your field or land the job of your fantasies. By the first half of 2017 you will be able to take the long view and appreciate how this week played a small but crucial part. The other central issue now is what you cover up and hide. What you do without observation. Sometimes this is just the business of hibernating or having therapy. Occasionally it can be nefarious (you are up to no good). Your ruling planet Saturn is at large now, and will be until Christmas. Don’t just stumble into something that could have heavy implications later. Try to be supremely conscious of what you are doing – watch yourself, watching yourself. All I can say about Saturn and cover-up jobs is – don’t just do something undercover or in a shady way, without thinking. This cycle has an awful way of making it a big deal.