Cancer ( 5 Oct – 11 Oct )

Flutter, flutter, social butterfly! On Thursday the 8th, charming, romantic Venus cruises into Virgo, joining her homie Mars in your garrulous third house until November 1. Poke around the local scene—or bring some out-of-town visitors on an exploring mission with you. Fun can be found close to home, not to mention opportunities for shameless flirting. While you might not think of yourself as the Tinder-ing type, a little right-swiping could bring eligible options. If you’re single, don’t race to commit to anyone for the next four weeks. You might have a few worthy options to consider; or, if only one, some important details to work out before you can feel safe placing all your chips on that number. In a relationship? Campiness aside, there is truth to this expression: The couple that plays together, stays together. Make a shared calendar and start plugging in cultural events, dinner parties and overnight getaways. When you ARE home together, you might actually enjoy playing some games. Fire up the Wii, break out the deck of cards, or host a little costume party in your boudoir. Meow!

Of course, Chateau Cancer hasn’t exactly been a peaceful enclave for the past few weeks. Since September 17, messenger Mercury has been retrograde in your domestic fourth house ratcheting up the tension under your roof. If you weren’t dealing with noisy neighbors or leaky plumbing, you may have been fielding drama from relatives or a close GF. Argh! Take heart: This Friday, Mercury resumes forward motion, giving you until November 1 to iron out all the wrinkles. It will be easier to have tough talks with your inner circle with the messenger planet making a U-turn, too. If you need to make decisions about your living situation, clarity returns. By early November, you could be welcoming a new roomie, hiring a decorator, or even relocating. Even if the changes aren’t THAT major, purchasing a great piece of art or setting up new house rules can make home feel more like a sanctuary for you. And as a Cancer, that’s an absolute must.

This weekend begs the question: Bunny slippers or red-soled Loubs? Balancing your personal and professional lives will be the grand theme as planets seesaw between your domestic fourth house and your ambitious tenth. The Sun is currently parked in Libra and your fourth house, putting home and family at the top of your priority list until October 23. Uranus is holding court in Aries and your driven tenth house, helping you shape your career in a more independent, take-charge direction. This Sunday, as the two heavenly bodies sit down for a face-to-face, some creative solutions for getting the best of both worlds could pop up—your comfy couch and your sleek office, that is. Perhaps it’s time to start a home-based business, Cancer, or to negotiate terms so that you can spend one day a week working from your living room and getting in quality time with your kids (or pets). This Sun-Uranus opposition could affect your approach to leadership, too. Maybe you’ve been trying to step into some kind of image of power that feels too hard-edged or cold for you. Your emotional intelligence has always been one of your greatest strengths. So what if you want to lead with a compassionate heart rather than an iron fist? That doesn’t mean people will walk all over you. But if they are, Sunday’s stars could bring some much-needed backbone to stand up for yourself and put the bullies in check. When someone tries to test you this weekend, don’t get sucked into the emotion ocean: Calmly set the record straight and be prepared to repeat yourself like a broken record until they realize that you aren’t budging.