Cancer ( 26 Oct – 01 Nov )

Cancer, you must now come up with a long-term strategy for the rent, your investments, the mortgage, your company, possessions or shares. This is not only the results of a domino effect from the Full Moon, affecting world economies, banks and Wall Street (near Tuesday). It is also part of your own destiny, and of course astrology can help. Just knowing the fact that the dwarf planet Ceres is now moving through your house of finance, property and business will help your approach. Ceres is about entitlement and passion. The people or organisations you will be dealing with, until the end of January 2016, derive a sense of identity and importance from ownership, power and control. From possession and also possessiveness. Figure that one out, and you will know everything. I do feel the Full Moon (look up and you will see it) is the trigger for this three-month process. This week is also a useful time to get real about what is happening in academia, publishing, the digital world, education, travel, religion and other belief systems (like theoretical physics). You appear to be slipping and sliding all over the place, according to your horoscope, but unless you consciously address the issue of what belongs where, or whom belongs where, nothing will solidify for you. Boundaries is the word of the week. You will notice this more when Fortuna changes signs after Tuesday and the whole world seems to be rotating on a giant Wheel of Fortune where foreign people and places, the book trade, the web, airlines, travel, religion and all the rest is concerned. In your own life, there is a trickle-down effect. Keep it simple, clear and very real – even if it’s a daily practice.