Cancer (14 Dec – 20 Dec )

Cancer, what you hear, read or discuss this week is very important to your partnership. The news or conversation may also powerfully affect the way you see your former partner, or potential partner. Some Cancerians are more engaged with an arch enemy, great rival or firm opponent. If this sounds like you, rest assured that what crosses your radar this week will change your ideas. Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, is zipping across your horoscope delivering his usual crucial telephone calls, Christmas cards, e-mails or announcements. He is also the most tremendous gossip, as well as being a natural journalist. So far, all of this is only information – yet it is information that you will have to act on, as it is fundamentally about how much control you have. How much power you have, in the situation with him (or her). Try to wrap this up by Saturday. If it lingers beyond Sunday then it may be weeks before you can actually call things final. A typical example would be internet dating, or engaging a lawyer to look over the end of your marriage. Those are two extreme examples, but if you wanted smooth progress, you would try to either act now, or act when Mercury is back to normal, after his final shadow disappears in February. You can read more about this cycle in a story I wrote about Mercury Retrograde on this website. Just hit search.