Bigg Boss 9: Rochelle Rao and Rishabh Sinha are out of the house

As the ongoing controversial reality show Bigg Boss 9 gears up for the finale this Saturday, the makers ensure that the last week is full of surprises. On Thursday’s episode, we see Rochelle Rao and Rishabh Sinha going out of the house! Now before you jump your guns, let us tell you that it is all during a task and they are still in the game.

Early in the day, Mandana Karimi gets emotional about the show coming to an end and expresses her happiness over surviving till the end. Rochelle tries to pacify Mandana and encourages her to be a sport.

Later, the four finalists bask in their glory of becoming the finalists of this season and talk about their journeys while reminiscing the good old days.

Bigg Boss then introduces the ‘Shikayatein’ task where each person is allotted three test tubes filled with a liquid that they need to protect. The contestants have to ring the bell and empty one person’s test tube after giving a valid reason for it.

Two lucky people with maximum number of filled test tubes at the end of the task will get the an opportunity to go outside the house and meet their fans.

During the task Mandana and Prince Narula, get into an ugly fight and argue over a few past issues. Rochelle plays smart by using a ‘no interference’ strategy a she stays out of the fights and chooses to be in the good book of all the other contestants. Prince promises to support Rochelle in this task and extends his help whenever he gets a chance.

In the evening, Rochelle and Rishabh are announced as the winners of the task and they get to visit a mall and appeal for votes. The duo get an hour’s window to do this. Both behave like excited little kids and get ready to make most of this golden opportunity (as they should: It’s the final week, people!).

After the winners for the task are announced, Prince becomes extremely insecure and requests his fans to support him to emerge as the winner of this season. Prince and Mandana are left alone in the house and they end up bonding with each other. They apologise to each other and spend time having dinner by the Jacuzzi. At night, Rochelle and Rishabh return and share their exciting experience with Prince and Mandana.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates from Bigg Boss 9. Catch all the drama at 10:30pm tonight on COLORS.