Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj also known as Bhai Beej orBhau Beej will be celebrated on Friday which is the last day of the five-day-longDiwali festival.

Celebrated by Hindus, the celebration of this festival is quite similar to Raksha Bandhan which is celebrated around August.

On this day brothers and sisters perform a traditional ritual wherein sisters perform aarti for their brother and offer her sincerest prayers for him. In return, brothers pledge to protect his sister and treat her with gifts and cash.

This festival has several other names:

— It is called Bhai Dooj in Northern part of India.

— Celebrated as the second most important festival, it is called Bhai Tika in Nepal. Here sisters offer prayers to Yamraj and wish for her brother’s long life and prosperity.

— In West Bengal it is called Bhai Pota where sisters offer prayers to Yamraj and chants this mantra

“Bhai er kopale dilam phota, Jomer Duar e porlo kata, 
Jamuna Dae Jomke phota, Ami di amar bhai ke phota,
Bhai jeno hoy lohar vata.”  

This means-

On my brother’s forehead I put the “phota”, Death’s door are now closely crossed,
Yamuna applies “phota” on Yama, While I give the “phota” to my brother.
Let my brother be as tough as Iron”.

Sisters chant this mantra in order to keep Lord of Death, Yamraj away from her brother.

— Gujarati, Marathi and Konkani community call it as Bhai Beej or Bhau Beej.

There are other names for this festival- Bhatru Dviteeya or Bhatri Ditya.

Significance of Bhai Dooj:

Bhai Dooj according to Hindu mythology is celebrated when Lord Krishna visited his sister Subhadra after killing demon Narkasur. Subhadra then gave a warm welcome to Lord Krishna and offered him sweets and flowers.