Aries (30 Nov – 6 Dec )

Aries, in the space of two or three weeks, you have seen the way the land lies, with foreign people or places. If a distant region of your own country feels foreign to you, then it is this far-off state, county or territory which may be the issue. So what next? A lot of fact-finding is about to take place this week. You have already been brave enough to ask a hard question. Perhaps you should ask another one – or a whole chain of them. This is particularly important if the person, organisation or place concerned has a big impact on the way you use the internet, study, teach, write or publish. The trick with this cycle is to promise yourself you will not turn a blind eye to a situation or person that nags at you. It’s far better to face it all front-on this week, so that you can roll your sleeves up and set to work on a new game plan.