Aries (21 Dec – 27 Dec )

Merry Christmas! Do yourself a favour this week, Aries, and make allowances for several weeks of delays, changes or even possible reversals affecting your career. This also applies to your unpaid work or life at university. I am sure it must seem as if the end of your working or academic year has to be marked by ‘definite’ decisions or discussions. In actual fact, we are in the Silly Season with a capital S and it may not be until the closing days of January or opening days of February that you can say you know – exactly – who fits where, and what will happen next. The bottom line? You’ll gain more control, if you play the situation correctly. The other interesting thing about your Christmas week is the massive realisation that your finances in 2012-2015 are now instant history. It may not have completely sunk in yet, how much you have changed, and how much the situation has changed. Nevertheless, chase away the ghosts of the past and despite the churning of the last few weeks, rest assured that you are now on track for a new life, in every way. You got yourself onto this pathway some time ago, but your horoscope says, it has not yet genuinely sunk in how very different (and how much more fulfilling) your particular situation with the money, house, business, flat, possessions or charity will be. Have a very Merry Christmas and breathe easy about that one. Wave goodbye to the past, Aries. I suspect the importance of one particular duet or double-act is at the core of it all. You are both singing from the same hymn-sheet.