Aquarius ( 16 Nov – 22 Nov )

Aquarius, it is very important that you tune into what you are being shown about your own future. A distant region or part of the world will probably be involved (or its locals). You will love the results in the second half of next year, as you travel, move or plant your flag in this place, in quite another way. You are going to expand, grow and really embrace life through this remarkably different local culture or rather exotic place. This all begins in the second half of next year but you will see the situation being hinted at this week. Take the hint and welcome the person who is so different to you, but wants to build a bridge to you. If this connection seems certain to involve you writing, publishing, teaching, studying or pursuing your beliefs – then it really will be hugely important to your destiny. What else is going on now? Real insight, news and clarity at last about your career, university life or unpaid work. You needed to know this! I also think the Neptune in Pisces standstill in your money chart should warn you to get real (and get real very quickly) about the ebb and flow of your finances. You seem muddled now, or the situation is muddled. Take a deep breath and make some rules for yourself again. The last word this week belongs to Saturn in Sagittarius. Join a group now, or become more deeply involved in a group, with full awareness. Read the fine print. Read what is not written about. This group either involves a friend or there are new friends to be made. Yet – why get yourself involved in something or someone without doing some homework? Be particularly cautious about any group pretending to be ‘spiritual’ when it’s basically a cult. How do you spot a cult? They want your money, not just your soul. I don’t think most of you will be affected by this but as Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign of cults – there are some tough learning experiences waiting in 2016, 2017.