Aquarius ( 12 Oct – 18 Oct )

You have been stuck in a peculiar cycle with your travel, foreign, internet, publishing, educational or religious agenda since February 2014. Nothing has been very different. Nothing has ultimately changed or progressed. This cycle ends when the True Node changes signs on 12th November. Until then, you have two sets of wheels spinning, as you must also address whatever was allegedly in place, as far back as August or earlier in October. The change, reversal or delay will now alter what you had assumed was going to happen. The whole (cosmic) point of all these spinning or reversing wheels, is to force you to contemplate. Tremendous contemplation is now required, particularly as you will be thrown the most stunning opportunity in 12 years, towards the end of 2016. What opportunity? A chance to see the world more ambitiously; to study or teach with tremendous success; to write or publish at impressive levels of skill and achievement; to make a corner of the internet your own. I know one little week is not about an entire new cycle, but everything helps, and even the rewinds or delays now have their part to play in what unfolds in your destiny later on. Everything is a learning experience to be used. One tip about this week – it is hard to undo what is written on the internet, as you know. Take a deep breath and think before you enshrine your point of view online. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction on Saturday 17th October is a tap on the shoulder about your money, possessions, business, house, company or apartment. Unless you act as a traffic cop with this, or pay someone else to play traffic cop for you, the full rewards you should see, will not come your way. If you ever needed a map, speed restrictions and road rules for your cash or ownership, it is now. Maybe a pro can help you.