Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus price cut: Deals and discounts available online

While Apple may not have officially announced a price-cut for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus in India, several e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and even Paytm are offering discounts on the Apple iPhone 6s.

Reports say Apple has cut the price for its latest iPhones to boost sales, although the official online premium re-seller Infibeam is showing the same launch price. Infibeam is only offering a price-cut on the 16GB iPhone 6s, which is priced at Rs 51,999 ( a discount of 11 per cent).

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bag a deal on the Apple iPhone 6s as other sites have several good offers. Here’s a quick look at the pricing on the other sites.

Flipkart On Flipkart, the iPhone 6s is starting at Rs 48,499 for the 16GB version, a great deal if you consider the launch price of Rs 62,000. The 64GB iPhone 6s is available on Flipkart starting at Rs 61,999 and going all the way to Rs 65,995. The 128GB iPhone 6s is available for Rs 74,940 on the site. The iPhone 6s Plus is starting at Rs 61,999 and going up to Rs 64,990. This is a decent offer, considering the Rs 72,000 launch price for the 16GB version. iPhone 6s Plus has a bigger screen and the camera comes with OIS, which is not there in the smaller version of the phone. Also, the larger battery lasts much longer.

Mr Dependable On Flipkart, the 64GB iPhone 6s Plus is available at Rs 77,999, while the 128GB version is priced at Rs 85,999, which is a moderate price-cut.

Amazon On Amazon, the iPhone 6s is starting at Rs 49,999, and Rs 64,999 for the 64GB version and Rs 71,999 for the 128GB version. Amazon has a better deal on the version with the most storage space, so if you’ve always wanted more space on an iPhone, you can consider taking up this option.

The iPhone 6s Plus 16GB starts at Rs 64,988 on Amazon, while the 64GB is priced at Rs 73,999. The iPhone 6s Plus with 128GB still remains in the exorbitant price-range and the lowest price available on Amazon is Rs 84,924 going up to the launch price of Rs 92,000.


On Snapdeal, the iPhone 6s with 16GB is priced lowest at Rs 48,399 (compared to Amazon and Flipkart), while the 64GB price is the same as Flipkart at Rs 61,999. The 128GB iPhone 6s is also the lowest on Snapdeal at Rs 70,999.

iPhone 6s Plus is starting at Rs 66,255 for 16GB, while the 64GB iPhone 6s Plus costs Rs 71,999 (again less than Amazon and Flipkart). The 128GB iPhone 6s Plus is priced Rs 84,924.


If you shop on Paytm and use the digital wallet a lot, there there’s a good chance to buy the iPhone 6s from the site as Paytm is offering up to Rs 10,000 cashback on some versions. Do note that if you’re already crossed your Rs 10,000 digital wallet limit for the month, you will need to get a KYC done to get that entire Rs 10,000 back from Paytm should you make the transaction.

On Paytm, the iPhone 6s 16GB starts at Rs 50,688, while the iPhone 6s (64GB) is priced at Rs 61,150. The iPhone 6s Plus (16 GB) is priced Rs 63,490.

We had noted at launch that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus prices for India were the highest compared to other countries like Singapore, France, Hong Kong, etc. The price difference was due to the fall of the rupee in comparison to the US dollar since the last launch and Apple is known to build a buffer into its pricing in markets where the local currency is a bit volatile.