A giant shoe-shaped church to open in Taiwan

Budai, a township in southwest Taiwan, is building a church in the form of a giant high-heeled shoe, made of metal and blue glass tiles, seeking to attract more tourists to the area. Still under construction, the structure is some 17m (55.77 ft) tall at the highest point, the heel.

The structure is made of thousands of metal rods and blue glass. The idea was to turn a sad part of history into something positive, giving lovers a chance to experience romance. Because of a drinking water shortage in the 1960s, residents had to dig up wells to get access to water. But the ground water had arsenic, which resulted in the residents contracting blackfoot disease. If severe, the only way to save one’s life was to amputate both legs, which meant that many women lost out on the opportunity of walking into their weddings on high heels.

Because of this history, the officials hope to create a beautiful place here where people can get married, invoking the fairy tale of Cinderella.

The shoe-shaped church is expected to open in February 2016.