To vanquish the demon Mahishasura, the Mother Goddess took the form of Katyayani which is the sixth form of Durga. It is believed to be the most violent of the nine  Avatars of the Mother. In this form, the Goddess is also adulated as the warrior Goddess who leads the war for Heaven against the Asuras peopling and ruling Hell. She is worshiped on the sixth day of Navratri that falls on Sunday.  Her appearance, majestic and mighty, Inspires awe in the  Asuras and their instruments who are  intent on conquering Heaven and subsequently,  Earth to enjoy undisputed sway over the Three Worlds. Adorned with four arms, the Goddess in this particular form holds sword in her upper left hand  and lotus in lower left while the upper right hand  is poised in Abhaymudra ( gesture of bestowing fearlessness) and the lower right hand represents Varadamudra (gesture of mercy, charity). She is saddled on Lion that stands for divinized animal power.

On the auspicious sixth day of Navratri, the devotees worship and offer obeisance to the Goddess Katyayani. The Kalash representing  the Divine Devi Shakti is worshipped on the  occasion.

The ritual involves anjali or offering through  flowers accompanied with chanting of mantras. Lord Shiva and Brahma are also worshipped after the worship of the Devi is  completed, said Sumit Pokhriyal, a priest at Lakshmi Narayan Mandir.

Worshipping Goddess Katyayani gives instant results and her devotees are emancipated  from all the troubles and sufferings they are  suffering in life. “She is known as the vanquisher of the demons and sinners. At the same time, she personifies infinite mercy for those who are righteous and religious, leading life in sync with Dharma.