6 Cities that know how to party

Have you ever thought of travelling just to party? If not, then think now because we have listed six destinations where you can party hard.

We have listed some six incredible party destinations for you, from swanky multi-level clubs to the wild underground parties; they cater to your every wild desire.


New Orleans
In this American city people never grow up! From the famously touristy Bourbon Street, sprinkled with jazz clubs, restaurants, strip joints and bars, to Mardi Gras – there’s never a dull moment in Orleans. Even a tornado can’t upset the party. Hurricane parties, in fact, are something of a tradition here – they started out as a way to make the best of a storm during lock-ins, and have turned into house-parties, thrown just about any place where people can meet and eat, drink and be merry. No doubt, N’awlins sure knows how to party hard.

Spearheading the cause of European high-living, the city stays open till as late as what would be considered breakfast time elsewhere. Berlin is to Germany what NYC is to the US.  Get ready to gulp a shot of your favorite poison and dance the night away.

No bombshell here! Amsterdam is the one place where you can have a good time all year round. However, there’s more to the city than the lady boys, or the neon lights of Leidseplein – alternative bars have DJs whirling their beats, while bar crawls have been known to last all through the night. Amsterdam also hosts some world-class events and festivals, including the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Warsaw is one of the top cities to bash in. Offering a fabulous music (and style), you can opt to go to a fancy club in the city centre or hop across Wisla River to chill out at one of the less mainstream places.

Buenos Aires
South Americans are zealous about partying. This extremely fashion-conscious and modern city boasts huge nightclubs by the waterfront, chic bars and underground grunge venues tucked away from the tourist spots. The party starts only after midnight and lasts right up till dawn.

Canada’s second-largest city is broadly regarded as the country’s party capital. With a bubbly nightlife scene, it is the undoubted hub for late-night festivities. Montreal has several multi-level bars, where each floor is devoted to different tastes, as well as a booming complex of dance clubs featuring the great international talent. The city’s laws are open-minded, so don’t fret about getting in any trouble!