5 things we bet you didn’t know about Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss has already completed eight successful seasons and is entering its ninth edition this October 11. Yes, Bigg Boss 9 returns to the small screen this Sunday. And guess what? The show will now be telecast from 10.30 pm from Monday to Friday while the weekend episodes with Salman Khan will still be aired in the 9 pm prime time slot.

While the most hyped and controversial reality show returns back to weave its magic one more time, here are 5 facts we bet you didn’t know about the show and the Bigg Boss house.

Haunted House!
Believe it or not, the Bigg Boss house is haunted. The house which is built on the sets in Lonavla is said to be haunted by spirits. Why? There have been contestants who’ve revealed they witnessed or experienced some unnatural, paranormal activities inside the house. Not just the contestants, members from the TV show’s crew also felt the same. They also revealed that at times, they spotted a weird-looking woman standing in one corner of the room. Kudos to the contestants who live in the house for over 100 days!

Cameras outside!
The house is always under surveillance and there are a total of 96 cameras installed inside the house. That leaves the Bigg Boss house with no blind spots at all. The show uses two different types of cameras- robotic ones placed conveniently inside the rooms. But did you know the house has cameras outside the glass barriers too? Yes, the channel has special track cameras installed outside the rooms which also help them track the contestants at a given real-time.

Edit, cut and chop!
Big Brother has been witness to possibly a lot of raunchy and intimate make-out sessions. But given the censorship issues in India and also the fact that Bigg Boss usually airs during prime time, the channel edits out most of the steamy scenes from the show. So if you saw Diandra Soares and Gautam Gulati or Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel kiss last time, be rest assured that there’s much more that happens inside the house which you don’t get to see at all. Also when the contestants use the choicest of expletives, while you hear the beep, most of the sequences are either toned down or most times are chopped off from the show.

No cleaning!
Remember how every season, there’s a huge disparity among the contestants in relation to the division of work inside the Bigg Boss house? While the channel shows few contestants cleaning the house, the truth is altogether very different. The channel has a cleaning staff alag se who does all the cleaning. So when you watch your favourite contestant cribbing for all the jhadu-pochha he’s got to do inside, you know what to say now!

Liquor? Juice packets mein le lo!
The channel often invites contestants who are addicted to smoking or drinking. Now you cannot expect a person to suddenly quit these vices for a show. And you cannot show them drinking on screen as it might send out a wrong message for the youth. So what does the channel do? For all the contestants who are addicted to alcohol, the liquor is sent to them in special juice packets. Shocked, aren’t you? We were too, when we heard of it.